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Living well in later life is important for all of us. Older people’s expectations are changing. The ‘new old’ are healthier, more active, and more technologically engaged. To meet these changing expectations requires a wider mix of age friendly housing options and healthcare supports to suit diverse lifestyles.

These housing options include both adapting existing homes to better suit peoples’ needs as they age, as well as building new housing developments, for sale and for rent, that are attractive and appealing to older people.

An Age Friendly Home is a home that is suitable for use across the life course for people of all ages. It is particularly suitable for older people whose needs often change as they age. Age Friendly Homes incorporate key features such as level access and connection to the outdoors. They are integrated into the neighbourhood and are capable of incorporating assistive technology to support ageing in place. Developing Age Friendly Homes helps to future proof housing for an ageing population

“It is not just about housing, it is about creating a community”

Housing Agency, 2018

This website provides resources, guidance and links to other sources of information to support people to live well as they age. Here you will find information on new and existing homes, grants and funding, healthcare, design information, technology, public realm, regulations, policy and research.

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