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Households to start receiving the next €200 electricity credit January 2023

Households, including pay-as-you-go customers, will receive the next €200 (including VAT) electricity credit payment from 1 January

  • The credit is designed to provide all domestic electricity account holders with a contribution to their electricity bills.
  • The credit will be applied automatically. Households do not need to apply for it.
  • You do not need to contact their electricity supplier.
  • A credit line item will appear on bills with the identifier ‘Government Electricity Credit’ 
  • The third tranche will apply in the March/April billing cycle.
  • The scheme is being operated by the Distribution System Operator (ESB Networks) and electricity suppliers.
  • For tenants in rented accommodation, who pay their landlord for their electricity, the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) is providing guidance to landlords and tenants to ensure that the credit is passed to tenants.

In addition to this, The Household Benefits Package is available.

  • It is available to help towards the costs of your electricity or gas bills. It also includes your television licence. Only one Household Benefits Package is payable per household.
  • The package is available to everyone over 70. It is not means tested and you do not need to be getting a pension. If you are between 66 and 70 you may still get the package if you meet the necessary conditions. You may also qualify if you are under 66 and get Disability Allowance, Invalidity Pension, Blind Pension or Carer’s Allowance (if you are living with the person you are caring for).

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