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“Rightsizing” approach pioneered in Housing For All

In an article published on the 5th September 2021, The Examiner explores what was originally called ‘downsizing’ and has now been rebranded in Housing for All as ‘rightsizing’.

The approach has been pioneered by Cork City Council through schemes like the award-winning 30-unit Arus Mhuire development in Blackrock, which offers older people the opportunity to move out of larger homes into more age appropriate accommodation.

The scheme allows people aged 60 or over who own their private house, or who are existing local authority tenants, to apply to their local authority for a tenancy in one of its downsizing developments.

Many more such schemes are planned under the government’s new housing strategy, with a pledge to develop a national policy on rightsizing and to explore options to support and incentivise rightsizing on a voluntary basis.

You can read the full article on the Irish Examiner website.

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