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Age Friendly Towns, Communities, and Villages

An Age Friendly Town or Community is one in which older people are actively involved in social, economic and cultural life and in creating a better local environment, to everybody’s benefit.

Age Friendly Towns/Villages respond to what the older community needs. They come about when older people get together and work with other groups in the community, such as local authorities, health services, transport companies and/or local businesses, to transform where they live to benefit both themselves and the wider community.

By prioritising the participation of older people, Age Friendly Towns improve life for everyone in the community. Many of the key determinants of quality of life are decided at local level, and quite often it is the smaller things that make the difference.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) identifies eight Age Friendly themes which define the quality of everyday life for older people. Age Friendly Ireland has added to these by showing what can be achieved, in practical terms, across each of these thematic areas. In this way they can be used in consultations to judge how Age Friendly a town is.

These 8 themes are:

  • Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Social Participation
  • Respect and Social Inclusion
  • Civic Participation and Employment
  • Communication and Information
  • Community Support and Health Services


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