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Minister Peter Burke and Minister Mary Butler launch

Streaming live from the Custom House and in the presence of both Minister Peter Burke and Minister Mary Butler, the Housing Agency, Age Friendly Ireland, the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage and the Department of Health are launching a brand-new website called to support the preparation of housing for the ageing population.

The Agefriendlyhomes website contains an array of information to support the development of Age Friendly Housing, such as case studies, research, funding information and design templates. This website was developed by Age Friendly Ireland, The Housing Agency and Age Friendly Ireland, the Department of Health and Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage. This is a very unique web portal in an Irish context and will provide a one stop shop for all resources to support Age Friendly Housing.

Chief Executive Officer of The Housing Agency, John O’Connor, said:
“The launch of marks a significant milestone in The Housing Agency’s work in housing for our ageing population. We have been delighted to collaborate with all of the different stakeholders in its creation.’
He went on to say: “ The website provides a central hub for resources, guidance and information on housing. We hope that everyone involved in the provision of homes for older people – from local authorities and approved housing bodies to architects, other construction professionals and the general public – will find the website useful and be encouraged to think more closely about the needs of our citizens as we grow older.” is being launched alongside a suite of resources compiled by Age Friendly Ireland. They include guidance of features to include in a lifetime adaptable and age friendly home including how to make it more accessible and a checklist to use in your own home. Also included is research on older people’s perceptions and experiences of going through a rightsizing process to future proof their home and an information booklet for older people to explain their options regarding future proofing their homes, ranging from adapting the home, Homeshare or moving to more suitable accommodation. Another key resources being launched today is the ‘Age Friendly Primary Care Centre Guidelines’, which provides guidance material on the inclusion of Age Friendly features in the development of new Primary Care Centres to meet the needs of the ageing population.

Speaking about the new resources, Minister Peter Burke said:
“Providing a range of housing options that respond to needs across the community is a priority of government and of my Department. The Programme for Government outlines a vision of an Age Friendly Ireland and contains a commitment to Housing for All. Having a safe home is a cornerstone of a decent quality of life. It commits to providing affordable public and social homes and increasing housing stock by over 50,000 over the next five years, the majority of which is to be built by local authorities. The government will ensure that an appropriate mix of housing design types is provided, including universally designed units, and accommodation for older people and people with disabilities.”

Also welcoming the launch of these resources, Minister Mary Butler commented:
“I welcome the launch of this suite of Age Friendly resources on housing and the Age Friendly Homes website today, which will be a huge support to the work of my Department and other key stakeholders in promoting the overall health and wellbeing of older people.
When we think about later life, most of us would prefer to stay as long as possible in our own homes, surrounded by friends, loved ones, and the familiar setting of our community. Our ambition as a government is to do everything we can to support older people to continue living at home with dignity and independence.
These resources and website will make a valuable contribution in enabling older people to lead healthy lives at home for longer. They will contribute to a greater awareness of standards for Age-Friendly Housing, and the options people have as they grow older with regard to housing adaptations and other choices. Older people must have choice when it comes to housing, and their voice must be placed at the centre of all Age Friendly Housing developments”.

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