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This course aims to further equip interested parties with essential knowledge and skills to maximise the age friendliness of their environment, and to ensure effective planning for older people is adequately considered and addressed in housing policy formulation and implementation. An introduction on the day is normally provided by the Chief Executive as Chair of the Age Friendly Alliance. The following is a list of typical staff who have benefited from the workshop:

  • Housing – Engineering, Architectural and administrative staff particularly those engaged in design and or working in housing/roads/municipalities (most minor works are designed locally, and these have the potential to really matter)
  • Planning – Planners and administrative staff involved in planning consultations and policy making, particularly the County Development Plan
  • Financial Managers, Housing practitioners and Clerks of Work
  • Community staff including library and heritage and climate action personnel
  • Elected members/ members of Older People’s Councils 
  • Training Officers
  • Senior staff representatives (Director of Services) particularly those overseeing some of the above areas and/or engaged in policy making
  • Access / Access Cert Officers
  • Building Control Officers
  • Social Inclusion staff
  • Professionals focussed on sustainability issues
  • Healthy Age Friendly Homes Co-ordinators