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Building Regulations

The Building Regulations 1997 – 2019 apply to the design and construction of buildings.

The minimum performance requirements that a building must achieve are set out in the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations which can be found on the Irish Statute Book website.

The Building Regulations apply to the construction of:

  • New buildings (residential and non-residential)
  • Extensions and material alterations to existing buildings
  • Certain Parts of the Regulations apply to changes of use of existing buildings, and
  • Major renovations

Technical guidance on compliance with the various parts of the Building Regulations is given in the related Technical Guidance Documents (TGDs) Parts A – M respectively. The TGDs provide technical guidance on how to comply with the regulations in practical terms.

Where works are carried out in accordance with the relevant TGDs, such works are considered to be, prima facie, in compliance with the relevant Building Regulations.

The primary responsibility for compliance with the requirements of the Building Regulations rests with the designers, builders and owners of buildings. Interpretation of the legislation is, ultimately, a matter for the Courts.

Implementation and enforcement of the Building Control system is a matter for the local Building Control Authority.


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