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National Planning Framework-Ireland 2040 (NPF)

Ireland 2040-Our Plan or the National Planning Framework (NPF) was published in February 2018  and is a national document to guide the strategic planning and development of Ireland over the next 20+ years, so that as the population grows, that growth is sustainable (in economic, social and environmental terms). The NPF alongside the ten-year National Development Plan with an investment fund of some €116 billion will together guide strategic development and infrastructure investment at national level and will set the context for each of Ireland’s three regional assemblies to develop their Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies taking account of and co-ordinating local authority County and City Development Plans in a manner that will ensure national, regional and local plans are aligned.

National Planning Framework Objective 30  

Objective 30 of the National Planning Framework recognises that, to plan for an ageing population local planning, housing, transport/ accessibility and leisure policies will need to take account of the needs of this group as part of the core strategy of city and county development plans.  This will include the varying needs of older people from living independently in their own communities to providing supported housing where appropriate.


A Guide to Doing Work around the House

 |  Tips and tricks

Created by the OPR (The Office of the Planning Regulator). This leaflet is a practical guide to what work you can do around your house without needing to apply for …