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Disabled Persons Grant Scheme

Local authorities are funded by The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage to carry out adaptations and extensions to existing social housing to meet the needs of people living in these homes, under the Disabled Persons Grants (DPGs).

The Disabled Persons’ Grant Scheme applies to works  necessary to address the needs of older people or people with a disability.  This may involve minor adaptations such as stair-lifts, grabs -rails, showers, wet-rooms, ramps etc. It also provides funding for more major adaptations such as extensions (in the case of overcrowding), or the installation of a downstairs bedroom or bathroom. 

If you are a local authority tenant and require work to be carried out in your home you should contact your local authority for more information.

The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage provides 90% funding towards the cost of the eligible works per home, with the remaining 10% being provided by the local authorities. The local authority can carry out works up to a maximum level of €75,000 per home without the prior approval of the Department. Applications in excess of this amount can be submitted to the Department and will be considered for funding on a casebycase basis. It is a matter for each local authority to prioritise the works required under the scheme in the context of available funding and in line with the terms of the Disabled Persons Grant scheme.

Details of the funding provided (which includes funding towards the Improvement Works In Lieu Scheme (IWILs) for some local authorities) and the number of units supported by this funding, by local authority, are available on the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage website.